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Agawa Canyon Train Tour

5 Tips on Taking Agawa Canyon Train Tour

I’ve been eyeing for Agawa Canyon train tour for a while. First of all, it’s already fun to have a train ride. But when it’s combined with amazing scenery and a chance to explore nature in its finest at the bottom of the canyon, it’s even better!


This tour operates March till middle of October, and finishes right after the Thanksgiving week-end. Gorgeous fall foliage in area of Sault Ste Marie, where Agawa Canyon train tour starts, is usually at the end of September and during the first two weeks of October. The tickets for the peak season of fall colors are more expensive, but it’s totally worth it! My goal was to buy the tickets for the Thanksgiving long week-end, but, to my surprise, all the tickets for those dates were gone. And I’ve required about them in March. As appeared later during my phone conversation with the sales person, tour operators buy those tickets in advance for the tourist groups. And really, train was almost full with tourists from China. You can see available dates and buy tickets online now, which is very convenient.



TIP#1: Buy Tickets in Advance


Sault Ste Marie is around 6 hours drive from Toronto, so we spent the whole day driving there. Thankfully, our hotel was just 5 minutes drive from the train station. It was also handy for the next day, when we had to wake up really early to catch the train. The departure time was 7:15.


TIP #2: Book a Hotel Close to the Train Station


I had printed confirmation from my online booking. Once we finally found the parking area at the Algoma train station, we started searching for our entrance, and were told that tickets were required. You need to visit the ticket center at the train station to receive tickets before boarding the train.

Agawa Canyon Train Tour

Boarding the train

As the departure was really early, we didn’t have any breakfast. There is a restaurant on the train, but you need to wait for them to call your car number. They also sell water, but it’s expensive. It was good I’ve brought some food with me.

Agawa Canyon Train Tour

The way to the restaurant car


TIP#3: Bring Snacks and Water

Agawa Canyon Train Tour

Inside the train

We were able to book the Agawa canyon train tour tickets for October 4th. Leaves changed the colors for 80%, and the view was spectacular. There was an audio with advise what side to look at and guided explanation on the area during our ride. Nature is beautiful there – lakes, surrounded by trees, hills. Even though the ride back is along the same path, you better capture those stunning views!


TIP #4: Bring a Good Camera (preferably DSLR type with sport option, to make pictures on the move)

Agawa Canyon Train Tour

Views on the way

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While we arrived at the canyon, we had 2 hours to explore the area. There are a couple of look-out points and a few waterfalls. All the signs in the area give you an idea about the time needed to visit waterfall or look-out, so you could plan your time wisely. While we walked around the lake, figuring out what way to go and what to see next, the highest look-out point was packed. People were standing on the stairs and barely moving.  We didn’t have enough time to wait on the main look-out, so we just checked waterfalls, and they were gorgeous!

Agawa Canyon Train Tour

One of the waterfalls at Agawa Canyon


TIP #5: Go to the Highest Look-Out First and As Soon As Possible
It will require the most of your energy as there are lots of stairs.


If you didn’t have a chance to get to the highest look-out, don’t get upset. There are a few gorgeous waterfalls in the area to explore. Make lots of pictures with your camera and enjoy your ride back!

Agawa Canyon Train Tour

One of the waterfalls at Agawa Canyon

Comment on this post about your experience and let me know if my tips helped you in your exploration goals!

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