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Aside from my love to travel, I have another passion – Digital Marketing. This changing, exciting field captivated my attention. As a successful grade A student of Digital Marketing, I understand that staying up-to-date in this field is crucial. That’s why I brows and read through numerous news and updates in this area on a regular basis.

I have experience and knowledge in the following:

-website performance analysis (I provide report on the quality of visual design, usability, consistency, navigation, on-page optimization, interactivity. Report includes recommendations for improvements)

-e-mail newsletter analysis (effectiveness and ineffectiveness of your current e-mail, recommendations on improvement for increasing an open rate)

-website set up using free and paid themes of WordPress

-installing plugins such as Google Analytics, social share buttons, SEO, auto back-up of data to Google Dropbox etc…

-optimizing images, content for organic SEO

-creating and updating social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ etc.

-posting relevant content on Social Media profiles

-designing and running paid Facebook campaign, analyzing results

-grew followers on Twitter to 300% within 2 weeks

-researching keywords and running Google AdWords campaign

-developing SEO and Social Media strategies

Please feel free to contact me to get a quote for the services described above