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Hotels Rewards or How to Save on Booking

I am so excited! I’ve just booked a room at Sheraton hotel in downtown Ottawa for two nights! Indoor pool, located right in the downtown core, and I didn’t have to pay a fortune! Well, booking path was not that smooth and easy this time as we left our booking till the last minute. Ottawa […]

Punta Cana All Inclusive: Catalonia Bavaro Resort

When I’ve asked my daughter recently what she liked the most from all our travels, she told me without hesitation: “Crepes with Nutella!” Well, she’s got a point – those were really good at Punta Cana all inclusive Catalonia Bavaro Beach resort. Imagine yourself sitting in a comfy white armchair, looking at the ocean, sipping […]

Valens Conservation Area: Day Use and Camping

With the weather getting warmer, people are looking for places to enjoy outdoor with their families, do some hiking or biking, maybe boating and fishing, and, of course, BBQ. Well, you can find a combination of all this options in Valens Conservation Area in Cambridge, Ontario. It’s a well maintained natural area around Valens lake with […]

Spencer Gorge Falls in Ontario, Hamilton

I’ve learned about the Webster’s falls, located in Spencer Gorge in Dundas area from my friends. It’s not that famous tourist destination place, but if you are in the Hamilton area and would like to explore some nature, this could be a nice option. Also, this is a great place to walk, hike and make […]

Visiting Gatorland in Orlando, Florida

While driving to Florida, we decided to see some attractions in Orlando. We already visited Sea World before, and this time decided to try something different and less expensive. Our choice was Gatorland – alligator’s place. Here you could see various signs, made with the sense of humor. Alligators are here and there, fenced, of […]

5 Tips on Taking Agawa Canyon Train Tour

I’ve been eyeing for Agawa Canyon train tour for a while. First of all, it’s already fun to have a train ride. But when it’s combined with amazing scenery and a chance to explore nature in its finest at the bottom of the canyon, it’s even better!   This tour operates March till middle of […]

Visiting Sea Life Aquarium in Charlotte-Concord, NC

While driving back from Florida and looking for some attractions, we opted for a stop at Sea Life Aquarium at Charlotte-Concord, North Carolina. It was just a short drive from highway, conveniently located for travelers like us. Sea Life Aquarium is a small, but loaded with information aquarium with various educational exhibits and even sea […]

Cruise stop in Grand Turk

On the 3rd day of our Southern Caribbean travel on the board of Carnival Breeze, we stopped at Grand Turk at 7 am. The tourist area offered small shops, great beach, swimming pools. There was an educational exhibition in the area as well, so tourists could spend well their 7 hours of stay on the […]

What to do in Curacao in 9 hours during your cruise stop

On the 5th day of our Southern Caribbean cruise with Carnival, we stopped at Curacao at 1pm. Curacao is an island of 444 square kms. It’s a Dutch colony with the capital Willemstad. You can see the Dutch style in architecture form the very first view – colorful buildings in typical style. When you live […]

What to do in Aruba in 8 hours

While cruising in Caribbean by Carnival, 6th day of our 8 days cruise was Aruba. Basically, I wanted to take this particular itinerary (Miami – Grand Turk – La Romana – Curacao – Aruba) only because of Aruba. I’ve heard lots of good things about this place and wanted to see it myself. Our ship […]

Monkeyland Tour in Punta Cana

While visiting Punta Cana this time, we opted for taking the tour to Monkeyland to see and feed squirell monkeys. Thankfully, we’ve got a $50 promotional credit at our hotel for listening one hour presentation on premium package, and were happy to utilize it towards this tour. First part of the tour taken through our […]